Townsend Appraisals focuses solely on providing replacement cost appraisals for insurance purposes, both for Hazard Insurance (fire, wind, rain, hail etc.) and Flood Insurance (water rising from the ground up).
We take pride in providing a quality custom insurance appraisal for each project. This starts with an on-site inspection of the property including measurements, sketches, and photographs. Rather than combining all the areas of the buildings into gross square footage, we differentiate between the various areas such as living/building areas, terraces, porches, garages, etc. to reach a more accurate valuation.
As a locally based company, we are aware of fluctuations in building costs in the various Southwest Florida locales, which we take into consideration when determining value.
Our licensing regulations require our reports to contain sufficient information to allow our clients and the end users of our reports to understand our value conclusions and how we reached them.
Every insurance appraisal includes:

  • Cover page
  • Letter of Transmittal
  • Table of Contents
  • Summary of Hazard Insurance
  • Summary of Flood Insurance
  • Hazard and Flood Procedures
  • Appraisal Description
  • Certification
  • Contingent and Limiting Conditions
  • Definitions
  • General Procedures
  • Update Service
  • Construction Analysis
  • Insurance Exclusions
  • Reference

  • Addendum
    • Townsend’s Valuation Program
    • Cost Adjustments
    • Florida Condominium Statutes
    • ISO Rating System
    • Building Indexes
    • Appraiser Qualifications
    • Cost Worksheets
    • Project Photographs


Our fee structure allows our clients to choose a onetime appraisal or an appraisal with updates every year for the following five years. The yearly update program ensures the client has the most current values when it is time for their insurance renewal. This is especially important when construction costs are either rising, as they currently are due to the impact of the pandemic or going down as was experienced after the economic crisis of 2008.


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