The Townsend Team: Over 50 Years of Combined Appraisal Experience...

Each Appraiser is Licensed by and Accountable to the State of Florida

Bob Townsend

Partner and founder of Townsend Appraisals, Bob Townsend began performing real estate appraisals in 1972. He earned a B.S. degree in engineering from the University of Florida and a Master's Degree in Administration at the University of Houston. He has appraised real property in the State of Florida for over 25 years.

Rick Logan
FL State-Certified General Real Estate Appraiser RZ3121

Rick Logan, a partner and President of Townsend Appraisals, has been a licensed Real Estate Appraiser in Florida since 1996. Rick's experience includes over 3,000 appraisal reports for a wide range of residential and commercial projects. Prior to joining Townsend Appraisals, Rick attended college in California and accumulated 20 years management experience in the travel industry.

Alex Szecsodi
FL State- Registered Trainee Appraiser R124189

An associate of Townsend Appraisals and State-Registered Trainee Appraiser of the Florida DBPR. He has over 100 hours of appraisal education in related courses. He has earned a B.S. and Doctorate Degree from Logan University.

Wendy Kernell
Office Manager

Wendy Kernell manages and tracks the update program, ensuring that update reports are performed a year from the date of the previous report. Wendy also manages our client database and heads the office staff of Townsend Appraisals.

Clatworthy Erin
Assitant Office Manager

Erin Clatworthy assists the Office Manager and provides data research. Erin has a B.S. degree and a Dotorate from Logan University.

Sue Satow

Sue Satow provides telephone assistance to clients and others who request information about Townsend Appraqisals. Sue also assists the Office Manager with data rerieval, file management, and contracts.